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Yelling penetrated her sleep in the early hours of the morning. She listened for a moment with her eyes closed, not entirely sure she was awake. Two voices continued to volley, a man and a woman. A crash came next, the sound of something breakable colliding with the wall and shattering. Another brief exchange was followed by the slamming of a door. Before Leslie could muster up enough brain power to realize she could and should intervene, the dispute was over.

Work often required her to be in full command of her faculties with little to no warning, with no regard for the time of day. She awoke quickly and hit the ground running. Even when work didn't require it, this was still largely the case. This night however unfolded in a less than routine manner.

Under several layers of blankets, she realized she was warm. It was a pleasant, comforting feeling at first, one she wanted to just linger in. It didn't remain that way for long. Soon it became oppressive and the urge to escape its constraining confines was undeniable. Several things donned on her all at once. She had a wicked headache, her body ached, and she desperately needed food and water. On top of all these insults, she needed to use the restroom.

It wasn't until she'd risen to her feet that she found herself in serious doubt. She looked across her bedroom and wondered if she'd make it. Her head swam as her blood pressure changed. Shuffling at a painstaking pace, she reached the door frame. She stopped there and reached out to steady herself as her head throbbed and her heart beat in her ears. She flipped on the light switch and an odd thing occurred. Her vision was still partially dark and it slowly encroached.

A second of panic overcame her. She was going to pass out.


One more step brought her to the counter. On instinct, she pivoted and planted her weight against the surface.

Down. Before you fall.

The descent was controlled but not gentle. She landed on her rear with her legs tucked half underneath her. The cry she let out turned into hyperventilation. The black continued to travel.

Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

She listened. Obeyed. Sat quietly and breathed. Willing the dark and heat to pass. Time also passed. She was mostly unaware it.


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