Oct. 9th, 2009

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Despite the glorious day outside, Leslie remains inside as she waits. There is always a chance when she arrives unannounced that there will be a delay. The Master of the House does not keep a regular schedule. With a content heart, she elects to wander. The manor is full of rich history, of sparks that ignite her memory.

In the ballroom, she can hear the sound of music. The trombones sing boldly amidst the soft clarinets as Glenn Miller's "A String of Pearls" plays. She shares a dance with Thomas Wayne. Then... years later, she shares a dance with his son. Martha is concerned about the number of potential participants in this years charity auction. She's received fewer responses than expected. Leslie reassures her. The auction will take care of itself. Alfred places a tray of drinks on the nearby table. For a moment, their eyes meet. She smiles.

The music fades. The guests vanish as they dance. The ballroom is empty. It is not as it once was.

She weeps not.

The future is bright.


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