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I don't like being reminded that I'm an addict. Not that I have any plans to change.
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Hope for the best, expect the worst. It's one of the many valuable lessons Leslie has learned over the years. Taught by her father, reinforced by experience. She had hoped the bomb delivered maliciously to the clinic would not be an indication of things to come. Somehow she knew that wouldn't be the case.

A week later, there are three patients in residence. Black Mask has had his revenge. Leslie and a select few are left to pick up the pieces.
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While she's in the house, she takes advantage of the quiet. When he arrives in the kitchen that morning, there is breakfast waiting. Tea is steaming and to his taste. The dishes she's used have been cleared away. The chores that normally occupy the early hours have been done by another pair of hands. To begin his birthday, there will be rest and the comfort that comes with sipping one's beverage. Not extravagant by any means. Then again, life need not be complicated to be enjoyed.
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Japan is a beautiful country. Or so she's been told. She herself has never visited. Perhaps Bruce will tell her about it over dinner. She used to think of four months as a long time. In terms of his other trips, it's but a blink of the eye. Each time he returns, they gather over Alfred's cooking and speak of the days gone by. Of things missed and things enjoyed.


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