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NAME: Leslie Thompkins
AGE: Late 50s / Early 60s
PROFESSION: Medical Doctor
PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: Wayne Memorial Clinic, Director and Chief Physician

[livejournal.com profile] lesliethompkins is based on the characters featured in the animated series and the various Batman related comic books, with a fair dose of artistic license thrown in on top.  The most notable difference is she did not perpetrate the death of Stephanie, the forth Robin.  Most likely in her universe/timeline/whatever, the character of Stephanie never existed.  This Leslie Thompkins is also NOT a devoted pacifist.  She has strong pacifistic leanings and generally prefers non-violent solutions but has no qualms picking up a baseball bat to defend herself (RE: Season Three "Paging The Crime Doctor").

As in both the comics and B:TAS, Leslie was the first to comfort Bruce Wayne after the murder of his parents.  In much the same way Alfred Pennyworth became a father figure to the traumatized boy, Leslie fell into the dominant mother figure.  She and Alfred watched Bruce grow and became the first two to know of his secret life.  To this day, Leslie does not approve of his choice.  Her love for Bruce however has made her one of his closest allies.  Leslie is in general an opinionated woman and is not afraid to make her views known.  She frequently does so when Bruce is near.

Some Odds and Ends:
  • Leslie is quick to loose her patience.  (Every well rounded character should have flaws.  She's also very set in her ways which can lead to problems.)
  • Keeps a scrapbook on her table at home.  It catalogs all her public achievements (as well as moments of influence or tragedy)
  • Keeps an apartment but realistically spends 90% of her life at the clinic
  • Went to medical school with Thomas Wayne and Matthew Thorne (B:TAS)
  • Is both a general practitioner and an emergency trauma surgeon
  • Has a relationship with Alfred that crosses many thresholds... professional, friendship, romantic at times
  • Has been in love twice

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The doors are locked up tight. The signs are turned off. The building is quiet. The patients have come and gone. The day has finally come to an end. Most doctors would go home. Dr. Thompkins is already there.

Tea in hand, she sits down at her desk. Diplomas and pictures litter the wall behind her. The light from the Tiffany lamp casts shadows about the room. A stack of medical files lay before her. She picks up the first without hesitation. She's halfway through the notes on her third when she opens her mouth to speak to a seemingly empty room.

"Well are you going to stand in my doorway all night or actually come in?"


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