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There isn't any time for tears in the middle of an operation. The brain is focused entirely on the hands. The hands are occupied with the patient. This patient, Leslie knows somewhere in the back of her brain, doesn't have a chance. She's too stubborn though to admit it.

Hours pass. The bleeding is stopped. The slugs are removed. The wounds are stitched. There's nothing else she can do. Leslie looks sideways at the readouts. Blood pressure is low. Pulse is weak. Her professional judgment battles with her stubbornness.

Stephanie doesn't have that long to live.

Leslie's eyes move to the assisting nurse. "Don't move her."

The nurse glances up in surprise but Leslie is already moving away. Towards the sink. To strip the blood covered gloves from her hands. They hit the biohazard bin with force. She doesn't even bother to wash before she leans heavily against the wall. Fingers tighten involuntarily. She strains her neck, trying to wipe her face on the sleeve of her scrubs.

She wants nothing better than to collapse. There's one last duty she has to perform before the tears can come though. She has to find a phone.
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She... she left too quickly.

Her... her last thoughts were of you.

She asked me if you hated her... I told her you never could.



What the casual observer would have seen was an arms deal gone awry: a vigilante tried to break things up, and was shot down with the arms in question.

In reality, it was an elaborate setup; a trap.

She got out of there in time to make it to Dr. Thompkins... but there wasn't anything Leslie could do... but call me.

She... didn't have much time left when I arrived.


Ordered by Blockbuster.


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